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A Special Event Just For You!
I will arrange for a sparkling evening of fun and dancing with thousands of songs that have inspired generations and continue to be heard in movies, commercials, and on the radio. I’ll take you down memory lane where you can twist and shout or dance really slow with your own special partner.  In addition to spinning the great hits of yesteryear, I will engage your guests with Rock-and-Roll Trivia, Name that Tune, and other musical contests that help make the event full of fun. I will make sure that your special occasion flows smoothly, so that you and your guests can relax and have a great time.

Special Anniversary
I will make this an occasion to remember. Do you have a favorite poem or song lyrics that deeply stir you? Imagine you are in the center of the dance floor with that one special person in your life. The lights are down low and you are hearing those special words with soft background music. At the end, the music moves into your favorite love song and you dance.  Others join in . . .

Special Birthday
What could be better than celebrating a 50th or 60th birthday with the songs of yesterday? I will create a unique timeline highlighting the historical and other events that took place on that special day. I’ll also engage your guests in a fun contest to see who can remember the #1 hits playing over the years on that day.

What I Offer
• Years of experience as a radio and cable-TV personality
•  A Pleasing and Cooperative Personality
•  Professional Equipment and Liability Insurance
•  An Extensive Music Collection featuring songs of the 50s, 60s and 70s
•  Personal Service that ensures a great event tailored to your needs
•  Reasonable Fees that represent and Excellent Value

My Background
As a pre-teen listening to Arnie Woo-Woo Ginsberg, Melvin X Melvin, Dick Summers and many more, I fell in love with rock and roll, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. During my years in the Air Force, I broadcast an Oldies show to the troops stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi and Iceland.  Later on I had my own radio show in Key West, Florida on WKWF.  Then I attended broadcast school where I earned a certificate in broadcasting and a First Class FCC License. I’ve served as a DJ for the last seven years hosting my “Oldies but Goodies” show on Brookline Access Television where you can listen to me 24-7. I've enjoyed it every since! | 781-856-0862 | ©2009 Ivey Godfrey Design
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